NVIDIA installer cannot continue, Required files are missing.

I’m trying to install CUDA Toolkit on a machine using Windows 7 OS and NVIDIA NVS 3100M graphic card. I’ve checked my graphic card in NVIDIA site and it is CUDA compatible, and visual studio 2010 is installed on my machine. But in the first step I get the following error:
Required files are missing.
what should I do or check in order to solve the problem

Which version of CUDA toolkit? What is the complete installer output and error message?

hi again
It’s version 5.5
When I open the setup.exe file, It starts to check the system compatibility. And then there’s the error: “Required files are missing.”
It doesn’t say any more thing about the reason of the error.
I’m completely stuck.

What happens if you use the CUDA 6 installer?

You can also try this, to enable logging:

Extract the installer with any LZMA extractor (e.g. 7-zip).
From command line, run setup.exe with logging:
setup.exe -log:“C:\path\that\exists” -loglevel:6
Then take a look inside the log file for hopefully more info.

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i have a problem installing my nvidia, it says requred files are missing

please help me find a way to fix it