Nvidia IsaacSim rosbridge__no message published on advertized rostopic

I Tried to Publish ROS messages from builtin ROS examples in Isaac sim. using rostopic list I see advertised topics but not receiving a messages using rostopic echo /joint_states and rostopic hz /joint_state shows me no message received.
I have tried both in IsaacSim 2022.1.1 and 2021.2.1
ROS_MASTER is a local host which runs Isaac Sim, ROS network setup works and i have background in ros.

Can you please mention the name of the examples which you are trying to run with host specifications and a log file?

@amanuel.ergogo , can you please provide the name of the examples as requested in previous message?
Also, did you try with the latest Isaac Sim version (Isaac Sim 2022.2.0)?

@rthaker This issue was related to ros network setup not really to IsaacSim. It’s solved. more discussion is here


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