NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Auto Login doesn't work


I have installed the OS in the 2GB version of Jetson Nano.
If I select Auto login during the first installation, the auto login works without any issue.

But if we don’t choose while installing and later if we have to configure it, it won’t work.
I tried below steps and none of them works,

  1. Under User & Preference set Don’t ask for password on login to true --> In this case on boot the Log In page gets displays but doesn’t need to enter password, on click on login button without password it loads the desktop.
  2. Edited /etc/gdm3/custom.conf to set AutomaticLoginEnable=true --> Doesn’t work
  3. Along with 1st option above, Installed dconf editor and edited org->gnome->desktop->lockdown->disable-lock-screen = ON

Same problem here. With the settings 1 and 2 above I use as a workaround keyboard just to press enter to login and then I unplug it and connect using VNC. Quite anoying.

Let us check. Thanks for report.