NVIDIA Texture Tools for Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud)

Who maintains the NVIDIA Texture Tools? I’d really like to see support for Creative Cloud edition. As of right now it does not work, Photoshop (version 2014.0.0 20140508.r.58 2014/05/08:23:59:59 x64) just crashes as soon as I open the dialog from within Photoshop.

I understand that the tools are not actively being developed (the last update was on 06/27/2012) and officially it does not list Photoshop CC as a supported version but please add support for Photoshop CC.

With the last update to Photoshop CC (2014.1), Adobe has added a normal generation (as well as a bump map) feature. They come with no options, no tweaking what so ever. Not sure how important that is yet. I’ll make do and I thought I’d share this information here. I still think though the the NVIDIA Texture Tools should be made to work with Photoshop CC

tkanks very much