NVIDIA X Server Settings wont start when remoting in from Windows RDP

FYI: nvidia-bug-report.log file size is too big for upload. Here it is on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6520n6zgte91nz/nvidia-bug-report.log?dl=0
Nvidia Drivers: 440, installed through the Ubuntu Additional Drivers UI.
6 GPU system where everything works fine for my 3D blender rendering even when remoting in.

When I remote into my Ubuntu 20.04 machines using Window’s RDP (xRDP is installed & using Gnome desktop), Nvidia X Server Settings will not open and only shows me this blank window:
It works fine when I log in locally. Even if I log in locally and then remote in, the remote session still has blank X Server Settings, with the local behaving properly.

When I try to run “startx” here’s what happens:

Anyone got any suggestions?