nvrtx/Lumen/MRQ Questions

Hi, I had a few questions about nvRTX with the Movie Render Queue (and Lumen GI).

If you check out the 1st video here, this is a scene with a few hundred lights using RTXDI. This is a render with 1 Temporal sample.

1 Sample

This video is with 1 Spatial Sample and 128 Temporal Samples. I often render with this many temporal samples to try to clean up the noise. But if you look in the dark areas, you can see the Lumen GI flickers wildly.
128 Samples

So my question are:
-Why does the GI flicker so much when I render with Temporal samples?
-Are there any CVARs that can help clean this up?
-Are there any other settings I could use to remove this? I’m confused why adding Temporal samples would cause such a difference.

Thank you for any help or advice.

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I have been wondering the same thing for awhile now. Unfortunately since UE5’s inception I haven’t found a way to fix this issue. When you render with the anti-aliasing settings in MRQ in conjunction with lumen it just ends up having more noise and flickering on lumens end. We know that Lumen is heavily reliant on TSR but it is even recommended to be disabled in the official documentation if you have enough samples, also rendering with those AA settings + TSR doesn’t exactly solve the issue, it seems unescapable and very few people seem to be addressing this, I don’t get it… I’ve just ended up giving up on lumen as a viable consistent way of doing offline renders in Unreal, better to stick with the path tracer if you have the time and resource.

Perhaps this resource might help you but it hasn’t helped much for me.