Ocelot on windows any getting started hints ?


I’ve read that Gregory Diamos has been kind enough to prepare a windows port of Ocelot. I’ve also read of some people being unsuccessful in getting it working. Could someone who has done it provide med with some helpful getting started hints?

If it is just a LIB and some INC files it should be any easy task to make it work but it seems to be a little bit more complicated than that.


Sadly it is a bit more complicated than this. Currently you need to build it from source using VS2010.

Also, only the emulator and compiler aspects of Ocelot work on windows (no LLVM-jit yet, although getting

it to work is more of a build script issue than anything else).

However, all that would be necessary to get a windows library to make the install easier would be for someone to

walk through the build process (should just be running scons on a system with VS2010/boost/ocelot/opengl/flex/bison installed),

package up the libraries/header files, and post it online.