Oculus Rift Linux SDK and Unreal Engine 4.6 on Jetson TK1

has anyone tried compiling the Oculus SDK for Linux for Tegra running on the Jetson TK1 development board, This would be a nice platform for mobile VR development that is more powerful than Gear VR, I have some computer vision and mobile power solutions I wanted to test with this platform.

with a cutout for the ports , a eDP display such as the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 , and an Oculus Rift DK2, with Ultracapacitors for 5 minute charge and all day use.

This would make the ultimate portable VR gaming rig.

Within reason of course but this is good practice to get ready for the next generation of these when there is 64 Bit and Maxwell GPU onboard.

Hi Rainfox,

This is a great question. I actually tried to compile the SDK back in September, and after installing all dependencies, it still seems libovr.o expects an x86 architecture. I have some ideas up my sleeve on how to resolve this…I may be able to ask a friend for help. Stay tuned!


Oculus SDK 0.4.4 has a vignette problem, peripheral vision goes dark toward the edges a bit too early , 0.4.3 seems stable and current and without that issue.

edit : This appears to be a bug in the default Unreal Engine 4.6.x configuration not with the Oculus 0.4.4 SDK

We’re using Oculus with the Jetson, and originally were using the SDK which we built for ARM. Given the onerous conditions for use (we’re physically mobile) which came along, we ditched the SDK and rolled our own telemetry gathering/sensor fusion code which works directly off USB.

We had weird timing issues - it worked with a particular brand of (unpowered) USB hub, but didn’t work when plugged into the Jetson directly - but we do now have a working mobile jetson/oculus system. It’s been tested/used at Village Roadshow studios to walk around ‘inside’ a couple of movie sets.

We’re trying to upgrade to DK2 now, and are currently trying to figure out some apparent EDID issues.

I’d love to hear more about this as you get details! Will any of your code which adapted to get around SDK issues be public?

We read in a 3d world (in any of a variety of formats) which one produces in something like maya, 3dsmax, cinema4d etc, and have our own opengl engine which displays it in stereo for the rift.

Then we have: gps, accelerometers, and gyros, wired in on uart and I2C, along with algorithms to detect your gait… basically to get your translation vector. That, along with the head rotation info from the rift, builds the compound transformation matrix which keeps you moving through the world in sync with your physical movements.

We have a hand control (repurposed wii nunchuk) which the user uses to:
levitate up/down
freeze the telemetry (for aligning real and virtual worlds)
select objects and do rudimentary i/o with the system
alpha blend a forward looking real-world camera with the virtual world to avoid collisions with real stuff

The basic idea is plug in a 3d world and start walking around in it.

We got a chance to show it off on the set of San Andreas (upcoming action flick) where it was well-liked.
Now it’s back on the set of a very well-known Disney movie, the name of which I can’t say right now.

We’re also planning on integrating a 2cm level accuracy RTK GPS for better position tracking. Right now it uses the accelerometers/gyros, then throws in the (not so great) GPS data when it is available.

We got a little funding which will take us through a demo in May or June, and if we get that right,
we’ll be looking for real funding and employees and so on.

That’s the basic story… let me know if you’re bored and looking for something to do :)

As far as making the code public, we’d be happy to do that at some point when we get some
breathing room. It helps put the rift back where it belongs, as a display device and deliverer of telemetry,
and not the center of the universe which seems their direction.


Any news regqarding Oculus SDK for Linux for Tegra?

Looks like it’s x86-only right now, according to this thread: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/810349/embedded-systems/jetson-oculus-dk2/post/4469699/#4469699