OmniGraph | Create a larger array


We have a 8-wheeled differential robot.
The “Make Array” node is limited to only 5 elements.
Tried to look for a way to concatenate two “Make Array”, but could only find a concatenate for float3 arrays.

This is our current solution but it seems very hacky:

Any better way of creating an 8 element array?

Hi @omers , can you please confirm what version of Create you have installed in the Omniverse launcher?

@rthaker, it is Issac Sim version:

Hi @omers , thanks for the info. 8 elements array was included in 103.5 kit version after the Isaac Sim 2022.1.1 release. You will be to use after the upcoming Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 release later this year.

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Thanks, it will be nice to have an array concatenate node, that way we won’t be limited to a certain sized array. We can create multiple arrays and just concatenate them.

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