Omniverse Code hangs during install with no way out

I’ve successfully installed Omniverse Code 2022.1.2 on another similar Windows AMD FX-8320 box that does not have an RTX card but has a near-identical OS and tool installation. However, the machine I actually want to use it on (which has an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and an RTX3070) won’t complete the installation. It hangs when installing the EXTSCACHE/OMNI.CURVE.NODES without explanation or progress for (going on) half a day now.

There appears to be no way to back out of the installation either. It’s still stuck there after a reboot and a restart of Omniverse. There’s no apparent means to uninstall it or otherwise abort or restart the installation.

Any ideas welcome!

Hi @alex133. Welcome to the forums! Sorry you’re having trouble.

Have you tried the Cleanup Tool yet? Could you give the installation one more try after running the Cleanup Tool? Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Launcher documentation

If that fails, could you share your log files with us? More info about how to grab those here: How to Report an issue with Omniverse


I was under the impression that the cleanup tool is not selective - as in it won’t target “Code” specifically, but removes all installed applications in the Omniverse engine. But if that is the only way forward…

Incidentally, where do I find these logs? The “hang” in itself is not giving any clues.

No, that’s fine. You can skip the cleanup. Because you’re new to the forums, I thought maybe Code was your first app.

The second link I provided has all the info about where to find the logs.

Hopefully this’ll work :)
Onedrive log share

Thank you @alex133. I didn’t see any Launcher logs in there. They’d be at the root of the logs dir in:


Best thing would be to just zip up that folder to not miss anything.

Ok - I’ve added them to the same folder - just reuse the link

It didn’t like me zipping because all sorts were “in use”. :)

Ok - everything shut down and ZIP now successful - see the same link.

Thank you! I’ve sent this along to the dev team.

Hi @alex133. Sorry for the delay. We’ve opened OM-61133 to track this. Are you still stuck?