Omniverse install error

omniverse install error message

Error occurred during installation of Cache: EPERM:
operation not permitted,open
2.0.1\System Monitor\aiohttp_frozenlist.cp38-win_amd64.pyd’

I get an error even if I reinstall
Please tell me the solution

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@gitakim88 -
I am sorry that you are having issues installing Omniverse (specifically the Cache component).We created an internal ticket for reference (OM-27264) and will get back to you with more information from our development team.

Can you answer a few questions?

  1. What Windows OS are you using. (use winver program to get this info)
  2. Did you configure the Windows OS with a language other than English? If so what one
  3. Just a check, your error line showed “AppDada” this was just a typo, right. is it really “AppData”
  1. Window 10 pro (20H2) , Window 10 pro (2004), Window 10 pro (1809) version same error
  2. This is Korean Windows 10 pro
  3. AppDada is wrong. AppData is correct

Omniverse Cache error

If you click the link above, you can see the screenshot.

that is happening to me too I get error occurred during installation error invoking remote method prepare-install: error; EPERM: operation not permitted, mkdir C: Program files

I Fix this problem, this problem is New windows system didn’t support UTF-8, user need manully enable this setting

Step1:Delete Cache file
Step2:Go to the windows setting and search "Change Country and Region“
Step3:On the language part you can find a setting call Administrative language Settings(On the Right side of window)
Step4:On The language of non-Unicode programs, click change system location setting
Step5:enable "use Unicode UTF-8

restart PC and reinstall Cache
make sure you delete old cache folder

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Check this setting if you didnt enable

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Thank you very much.
Installed without cache error.