[omniverse] I can't install to some local machine

Unable to install the nucleus program on your computer.

error massage :

Error invoking remote method ‘nucleus-install’:Error:EPERM: operation not permitted,open 'C:\omniverse\library\collaboration\nucleus-workstation 2020.3.1\System Monitor\aiohttp_frozenlist.cp38-win_amd64.pyd

but It was successful install to the other computer.

Hi @jinbeom7029 .

Can you provide the log files to us? By default, logs will be located here: C:\Users<user_name>.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hi @jinbeom7029
In addition to the logs

  1. Did you install “Cache” prior to trying to install Nucleus?
  2. Is there a “Omniverse System Monitor” process running? Check in your hidden icon section. Are there more than one of these (if present)

This info could be helpful

Of course I did. but I couldn’t install cache.
Here is my log and capture image.

logs.zip (322.3 KB)

other message

we created an internal ticket for reference (OM-27264) and will get back to you with more information from our development team.

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i have the same error. could you solve this problem?

@jinbeom7029 @astanaforeverever we recently released a new version of Nucleus and Cache on the launcher platform. Do you mind trying to install and report back? Thank you!