Omniverse Nucelus isn't working in windows

To run isaac sim and import env
i download NVIDIA Omniverse (window)
and run but it’s not working

In my Linux Desktop it works very well
so i reinstalled Omniverse, Nucleus but i can’t resolve this problem on my own
even i have another desktop and did it same way but it did’t work
the problem is same…
can you let me know what i should do to solve this problem?
(I followed all stpe in NVIDIA youtube tutorials)

  • by unsing cleanup-Tool
    i reinstalled it several times but still now it’s not work…

i also did this System Monitor — Omniverse Utilities documentation
but i can’t enter Apps…

It looks like your system monitor isn’t running. Did you install using Admin permissions? Sometimes rebooting the system also fixes that. The system monitor should be running and accessible via the system tray in Windows.

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Hmm idk why but it seems like there is an issue on Omniverse Cache
i deleted it and reboot then all works fine
but after i installed Omniverse Cache (new version) it’s not work
so now i can’t use Cache but it’s okay
i can do what i want Thanks tjgalda

Ok, I’m glad you’re able to work and do what you’re trying to do.

Thanks for letting us know.

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