Omniverse kit plugins


This link:

says that we could write external modules for Omniverse as plugins in either Python or C++.

(1) For the Python API, it seems this link is expired:
Could you confirm or refer me to the correct link?

(2) Currently, I could only run python codes inside the Sim’s script editor, which path should I include to PYTHONPATH in order to run from outside?

(3) Besides, I understand Carbonite C++ SDK has yet to be released, when will we probably have it could you tell?

Thank you.

[1] Apologies, we currently fixing up our documentation for the upcoming Isaac Sim release.
Here is the correct link for the Omniverse Kit Python API:

[2] You should use this:


See this post for some useful info.

[3] I’m afraid we do not have an ETA for that yet.

Thank you very much for the info!