Omniverse launcher hangs on login (Ubuntu 22.04 on EC2, A10G GPU, Driver 550.67

I’m aware that this is similar to other threads, but I haven’t seen a solution yet.

Login succeeds, but the omniverse launcher just spins on the login screen.

Any ideas?

I noticed the warning:
“Failed to get EULA: retrying in 2.5 seconds”
on the console, and added “–proxy-server=??” to the command line. But still no luck.

@a_rao i am just another user passing by and was curious which browser are you using when logging in? if you’re using firefox, have you tried using chromium-based browsers or Edge?

I figured it out. I had to add the proxyServer flag to the command line when I launched the app. Now it’s all happy!

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