Opacity adjustment not working


I want to apply a semi-translucent plastic to my prims. When I try to adjust the Opacity Amount parameter, if it is lower than 1, the prim disappears… Do you have any idea of what could cause that?

Thank you,

I am also experiencing the same issue. Have you found a solution?

Nope, not yet…


This is the plastic material I would like to reproduce, thank you!

Can anyone help me with my problem?

You are using the RTX Realtime mode - there is a cutoff threshold for opacity in this mode, that is set to 1. If you change to path-traced you’ll have the full range of opacity available. To use Opacity in Realtime mode, go to the render settings tab on the right panel, and on Translucency check the “Enable Fractional cutout Opacity”. Results will be subpar, though:

Ideally, you should use a translucent material. For best results you should use RTX - Interactive (Path traced)
Two images for comparison using a Omniglass, and changing the Glass Roughgness to 0.28


Thank you very much, it is now working great :)

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