Roughness not working in RTX Real-time?

Hi everybody !

The Roughness of a glass material (tried several ones from the libs) doesn’t work on the RTX Real-time renderer. Is it something you are working on or I missed something on my side ?

Thanks a lot !

I tried to make it with RTX real time but no success either :/

Path Traced:

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Currently, roughness with translucency is not supported in Real Time mode. It’s something our engineering team is looking at though.


Thanks for your answer @fpliu. Can’t wait to see the result ! With a little bit a tweeking, in some cases, RTX Real-time is looking almost like RTX-PathTracer or at least “good enough” to use it in production. With Roughness with translucency added to RTX-Real-time, the gap will be even thinner !

Any updates @fpliu on this topic ? Thanks !

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Hi @DesignAndProd
This feature is still in development. But we hope to see it completed later this year.