OpenVR basic 3D model viewer (loading/rendering new .obj dynamically) for CloudXR?


I would like to create a simple OpenVR-supported 3D model viewer on CloudXR for users using AR on Android/iOS.

My core requirement is being able to load in new .obj files and change what the end-user sees via CloudXR. The idea is to just share different 3d assets and render them live.

I am familiar with rendering individual static .obj assets in a compiled Unity/Unreal application, but I do not know how to dynamically load/render in new .obj files live as if I was using some kind of 3D model viewer.

How should I approach this, and are there any basic OpenVR-supported 3D model viewers which I can use? I was looking at Blender with the XR plugin, however I am unsure of the user experience.

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Iā€™d start with basic web searches, like:

There should be enough information out there for either platform.

I was not specifically referring to Unity. In any case, I had already done what you linked. I was asking here for a recommendation/suggestion.