Orbit - unable to access assets from within Docker container

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I am considering the use of the recently released Orbit extension for Isaac-sim. The extension works great on a workstation installation of Isaac-sim. I submitted a pull request to add support for Docker containers (Add Docker Support by peterdavidfagan · Pull Request #17 · NVIDIA-Omniverse/Orbit · GitHub) however I faced the following issue ([Bug Report] ValueError: articulation primitive path (play_arms demo) · Issue #18 · NVIDIA-Omniverse/Orbit · GitHub).

Essentially, it hasn’t been possible to pull the assets associated with the Seattle Labs environment from within the Docker container. I wished to post here in case there is something I can do on my side to rectify this error. Any guidance would be appreciated.

@mayankmittal1410 please help


Peter and I have been discussing about this on [GitHub discussions] (Release of Docker Container · NVIDIA-Omniverse/Orbit · Discussion #14 · GitHub). We will look into adding docker support in the coming month.

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