Orin AGX Alt-mode

We would like to implement the hardware crossbar solution found on Xavier but for custom AGX Orin carrier board.

its my understanding that Orin doesn’t support 2lane display port required for the cross-bar solution. is it possible to rewrite the driver for Orin so that it does or is there a complete hardware solution that can convert the 4lane down to two for the ALT MODE crossbar switch?

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We don’t support DP ALT mode on Jetpack 5 Orin series. And for now there is no plan for the function.

thanks for the follow up WayneWWW. just for clarification, you posted this about needing the crossbar switch:

is the Jetpack support a driver issue about 4 lane encoding vs. 2 lane encoding or something else like the AUX channel support? i’m wondering if I can use some of my FPGA to encode the 4lane video to 2lane support for alt-mode in hardware thus negating the need for driver support?

Anything working on Jetson Xaiver does not indicate it would still work on Jetson Orin.

The display architecture on both of them are different. We only guarantee the hardware design same as NV devkit. Rest of design may not work.

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