Orin AGX luanch failed


We have a Orin AGX EVB.
However, the evb failed to launch.
And got the error below.
ERROR: Error initializing runtime service trusty_fast

After flashed latest BSP, NV logo showed but still get the same error.

Attached the log.
agx_orin_error_message.txt (112.4 KB)
Uploading: agx_orin_newest_bsp_debug_message.txt…

Thank you for any advice,


The log file seems out of order and one file is not successfully uploaded. Could you help check again?

Also, please remove all peripherals and boot again and see if the issue is still or not.

Attached the files again.
Due to the Orin failed to launch and only have UEFI log.

agx_orin_error_message.txt (112.4 KB)

agx_orin_newest_bsp_debug_message.txt (108.4 KB)

And will test without device and update.

Thank you,

Sorry. After compared to the workable Orin.

“ERROR: Error initializing runtime service trusty_fast.”
The message is there too.

Thank you,

Hi @HuiW ,

I mean your log is actually like this. Could you copy it again?

Hi WayneWWW,

Thank you for your support.
The issue is fixed by connecting to another DP monitor.


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Please check if you can bypass the same error on the same problematic monitor if that is hotplug case.

I mean connecting nothing during boot and only connect the monitor when system is up.

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