Orin devkit gpios no effect

I am using AGX Orin development with JETPACK5.0.1 when I need to use GPIO, I find that there is actually no change when I change the state of the output pin. I am using nvidia jetson-gpio pakage for python:

And by executing the example/test_all_pins.py inside, none of the pins change at all
Is there any solution we can try?

There is a known issue on Orin GPIO and it will be fixed in next non-DP release.

thanks for your quick reply


I had a similar problem. I used the following commands and an oscilloscope to detect voltage changes.

echo 316 > /sys/class/gpio/export
cd /sys/class/gpio/PAA.00
echo 1 > value
echo 0 > value

When I used cat value, the value changed. However, the voltage had no change. I was wondering, is this the same issue? Or is there anything I could do to fix this?
Thank you!

Hi pandako7,

Please help to oepn a new topic for your own issue. Thanks