Orin nx thermal resistance


i am thermal engineer who want to simulate Orin nx in subsystems.
i have read the thermal design guide v1.0 and there are lake of information regarding thrmal resistance of the main component : T234 TE980-M
no Rj-c either no Rj-b

where can i found these numbers. which critical to thermal analysis


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As you can see in the notes in TDG: For components, which do not show Rj-c and Rj-b values in the table. It should be modeled as a single block with bulk thermal conductivity specified in the table.

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thank you for quick response.
but there is no value for that componet. see in the first raw in the table.
i attached picture.

Hi, there will be updates in next released TDG. For now, you can use below values.

Rjc [C/W] 0.145
Rjb [C/W] 1.544

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Thank you very much!!

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