P/N for Ferrite-Beads

Looked in p2822_b03_bom.xlsx), but couldn’t find p/n of L507 - 1uH, and L508 - 2.2uH.

Hi, are you using the BOM file in DLC? They are in the BOM.

L507, STPI1003-1R0M-HF

L508, EM-22AM05V05-N1

I’ve downloaded ‘updated’ BOM mentioned in the thread below.


Please provide the link to the BOM.


DLC: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads

Kindly ask for the datasheet of the L507 and L508. Need to know the height of those inductors.

We can’t provide such third-party datasheet, please ask vendor for that.

Can I get the height of those inductors, so I’ll know if I can place them in the bottom-side of the board?

I think what the NVIDIA folks are saying, is that you need to source the parts yourself.
NVIDIA does not sell inductors.
If you’re going to source them from the same supplier as NVIDIA, you can get the datasheet from that vendor.
If you for some reason have trouble getting the parts from the vendor NVIDIA uses (because NVIDIA does not source from general low-volume distributors like Mouser or DigiKey,) you’re going to use another vendor, you should use the datasheet from that vendor.

Thanks ‘snakry’.

We do design outsourcing. Our customer will have other contractor for the purchasing.

Currently, at the design stage, all I want to know is if I can move the inductor to the bottom-side of the board, where the height is limited.

I’m sure that the purchasing-contractor will have many issues, but we already warned our customer on this, and it was his decision to use the Xavier.

So, I’m asking NVIDIA: What is the height of the inductors?

Please ask for support from vendor accordingly, we have no right to release this third-party datasheet.



Hello? Anybody home?
I’m not asking for confidential information, only asked for the height of the inductor, which everyone which hae the reference design can measure.

I’ll get a reference design board and will measure it.

Again - as a customer-support engineer for National Semiconductor, about 10 years ago, I’ll suggest doing ‘continuous improvement’ and learn from this case, so it will not happen again.

Sorry for the misunderstanding about your question, if only for rough height, both are 3 mm max.

thanks. Have a nice day.