Pending Approval for access to Omniverse Cloud ¿International call?

Hello! :)

Yesterday I applied for access to Omniverse Cloud (Nucleus and Simple Share). They still haven’t approved it for me (Pending Approval).

Today, I receive an international call with the prefix number +44, is it yours? The thing is, I’m a deaf person, I can’t pick up the phone, so I have to hang up.

I don’t know if it has to do with the international call, or if I simply have to wait longer, until the access request is approved.

I wait for your help.

Thank you very much,

Hello @LuisFer-DFA, my apologies for the delay. I am afraid this forum category is not monitored by the Omniverse staff. I took the liberty to move this to the General Discussion board with the Omniverse team.

I hope your issue will get resolved soon!

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I’m doing some research to see if it works well for my company. We need the tests to see if it goes well, or not.

Moved to Omniverse category - again.

Hello @LuisFer-DFA! I apologize for the run-around! I am contacting the Cloud team about your question!

Hello @LuisFer-DFA! Some information for you, you will, more than likely, receive an email from us indicating if you have access to the Omniverse Cloud program. A +44 prefix number is from the United Kingdom, and our Team is located in Santa Clara, CA USA, so the call is more than likely not us.

I am confirming with the team on how you will be contacted once approved into the program. I will post back when I have more information.

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Voucher. I still don’t have access, I can’t do the tests. I have desire to advance project.

I hope it’s soon. Thank you very much.

Hi participants,

I would like to know if you can access to omniverse cloud without problem, or do you also have to wait.

It is to know if I have to apply again.

I wait your feedback

Thank you very much,

Hello @LuisFer-DFA! You can now use Omniverse Cloud. Check it out here: Experience Omniverse in the Cloud | NVIDIA

Hello @WendyGram

I haven’t been able to get it yet.

It won’t let me work with Omniverse Create because my PC doesn’t have an RTX card.

See story:

I was told that I can access the Omniverse Cloud to be able to work with Omniverse Create, this is that correct? I do not get it.

Are there any help links? (text manual or video)

Thank you