Performance issues with DLSS in Unreal 5.2 in a cooked client build

Hi there,

I’m reaching out about some performance issues I’ve noticed when using DLSS & DLSS-G in Unreal 5.2 source.

Using the latest DLSS plugin for Unreal 5.2 - “UE_5.2_DLSS_3_Plugin_Package_114” (pulled from the website yesterday).

Hardware/Software specs:
4090 with a i9 12900K. Unreal is on a M.2, same with any cooked clients. Operating system is Windows 11 Pro version 10.0.22621 Build 22621.

Some additional information:

When testing in a cooked Shipping configuration, the plugin works as expected with a big performance boost, seeing framerates of 100+ on a gigantic open world production map.

When testing in a cooked Test configuration or Development configuration, the plugin does NOT work as expected. Blueprint code that should be turning it on, does not in fact turn it on (same code works perfect in a Shipping build), and when I’ve used command line commands to toggle it on, the performance plummets into under 20 fps instantly.

Happy to provide some logs & additional information privately. Unable to share any further specifics publicly.

  • Gladman

Hi @averygladman, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums and thanks again for posting here.

I already reached out to engineering to see if there are suggestions on how to debug further.

One thing that they will definitely ask for are the logs, specifically anything NVIDIA related, of when you enable DLSS in the development config. If you could share those through DM or email, whatever you prefer, that would be good.

Thank you!

Hey Markus,

A big update here. Hopefully we can get this fixed asap, because this makes it unusable. Adding any DLSS related code into any pre-existing, confirmed working blueprint event graphs causes that blueprint to break, regardless of order of execution, it can be the last thing or the first. What I add it to doesn’t seem to matter, anything its added to just plain & simple, it breaks. I can record tons of examples, its wildly easy to reproduce in many different types of blueprints, all with unstable & wildly unpredictable consequences.

Clarification: the consequences of adding any DLSS related nodes in blueprint is reflected both in engine & in a cooked client.