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I am working with a very heavy Revit model all my 11 GB GPU memory is consumed and almost my 64 GB ram. Any advice on optimizing the performance once I reach this level, the scene becomes very laggy.


I noticed your render resolution is higher than the default. Reducing that can reduce your graphics memory.

We are working on some tools to simplify large scenes to improve memory and performance. I’ll check with the Revit connector team to see if there’s any way to simplify on export.

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@Mohamed_Adel Another tip from developers is to hiding in Revit anything that you don’t want exported. The connector exports everything that’s visible in Revit and you should only export what you actually need. Hopefully this helps until we can get other simplification methods to you.

Hi @mati-nvidia ,

Thanks for the follow up. It’s just the nature of the project to have a lot of Prims, specially when it comes to the Mechanical model, the USD file is massive. I have posted a question yesterday about Omnihydra and how I can use it to enhance the performance.

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