PGI bash shell not working in 18.10 windows 64

I just installed PGI CE 18.10, but the PGI bash doesn’t seem to work. A screen flashes briefly, but then vanishes.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

PS Windows 10 64 bit operating system.

Hi Erin,

Which “bat” file are you using?

“pgi_env.bat” will do this since it’s used to setup the PGI environment from an already running DOS command and not meant to be run by itself.


Hi Mat:

I tried pgi.bat. No good. And pgi_dos.bat doesn’t have good Linux-like commands, like the old PGICE had.


Hi Erin,

When you installed, did you choose to install Cygwin? If not, then this would be the cause since “pgi.bat” will call the “bash” provided by Cygwin.

Alternately, we do ship an old version of Cygwin so maybe there’s an incompatibility on your system. If so, then you might try installing Cygwin directly from

Hope this helps,

Great! This is a big help.

Thank you!