PGIinstall and others in 5.2

I installed 5.2 linux86-64 on AMD-Opteron RHEL30 in my home/pgi instead of /usr/pgi
now each call to pgf90 and others needs a file ./PGIinstall.
If i copy that into the working dir pg works, but i cannot copy it into all the subdirs of my project.
What to do?

also -Mpreprocess hangs:

pgf77 -fast -mp -Mpreprocess -DDCLOCK -c …/dclock.s
pgf77-Error-Required tool pgprepro was not found
pgf77… looked for pgprepro at /export/home/sfricken/pgi/linux86-64/5.2/bin/pgprepro
make: *** [dclock.o] Error 1

what now?

Also I cannot find the OpenMP-intro-examples on your ftp-server as mentioned in the users guide.

Something is not right in your usage of the compilers.

If you don’t have permanent license keys, then you’ll need an evaluation
key. You can either reinstall the compilers or run the command
‘change-pgi-hostid’ in the appropriate bin directory. This command will
create the file PGIinstall in the installation directory.

If you have permanent keys, then I would check and make sure that
you have the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE set correctly.
It needs to be set to the location of the file that contains the license

The error with pgprepro is a known bug. Just leave -Mprepocess off
the command line.