Physx 3.3 Cloth Mesh not welded along seams?

Just wondering what I’m doing wrong with my cloth. Physically it all works well but…

I tried a cube mesh and that falls apart on it’s six sides on creation. I tried a head mesh and that seams to be split up along the back of the head as if it was trying to match the uv layout.

is there something I’m missing I can’t find any documentation on this issue. how do I stop the mesh from having splits in it. is there a cooking param I’m unaware of?


ok it seems that the mesh breaking apart had to do with I’m assuming duplicate verticies. healing the uv map in lightwave seemed to correct the issue though planar is the method I’ll have to use unless PhysX has a setup like 2.8.4 with a mesh descriptor or something for welding verts.

Have you been able to find a way to simulate a cloth containing seams without healing the UV and welding verts in PhysX cloth cooking?

Am facing the same problem. (My forum post is