PhysX warning: CUDA is not available. Kit crashing on startup

running windows 10 with 3080 ti gpu

Cant get any kit apps to start from the launcher. I can get blender to run though! I tried looking through the logs. Can see some warnings and such in there such as no cuda device available.
mem stats
memoryStats = ‘(avail/total) RAM: 6.96772/15.882GB, Swap: 4.34167/21.8448GB, VM: 131014/131072GB’
VM looks full to me, I do have a 1440 widescreen monitor 55 inch
kit_20220929_123312.log (1.0 MB)

Ok just replying to my own thread to post my solution:

After noticing some issues when playing fortnite about GPU not being available to the application and crashing it seemed familiar to the way omniverse was failing to start. I went scorched earth and reinstalled windows. Absolutely fixed my problem :D.