Ping to host pc(windows) from Jetson xavier nx is not working

Hi Nvidia Team,

When Jetson xavier nx is connected to host pc (windows 10) via usb connection it enumerates in device mode. Host machine get assigned with IP address and Jetson xavier nx with IP address
Host machine can ping to Jetson xavier nx, but vice-versa not working.
Host machine => ping => works
Jetson xavier nx => ping => Doesn’t work.
getting host is unreachable.

What could be problem/issue Jetson xavier is unable to ping?


It is likely a security setting in Windows. The ping command uses an ICMP protocol, and some computers will (by default or setup) be told to not respond to ICMP queries. As an example, traceroute (or in Windows tracert) can ping each hop along a network route, and report ping times at each hop; in some cases an end destination can ping/traceroute, but intermediate hops will show unreachable. That’s a case of passing through ICMP, but not responding to it for the intermediate hops. If you can ping in one direction, then the host at the other end is responding; not seeing ping in the reverse direction indicates Windows is filtering this.

Note that it isn’t possible (without some really odd and major weird issues) for ping to work in one direction and have the network between fail just for one direction. It is possible, but it is extraordinarily unlikely.

Does ssh work? It uses TCP instead of ICMP. Windows does not have an ssh server, so I would expect that unless you installed an ssh server on Windows (which might cost money), then I would expect Windows to not allow any ssh login to it; however, using PuTTY or some ssh client from Windows to Linux is quite common.

Hi ashwath.narasimhamurthy,

For host PC, we would suggest use Linux OS in Ubuntu 16.04 (use Jetpack 4) or 18.04 (use Jetpack 5).

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