Can not ssh from Windows to NX through new WIFI SSID

I have a Jetson Xaiver NX and a Windows Laptop, both connected to home WIFT and I use putty/WinSCP from Windows to login to NX.

I recently changed my home WIFI names (SSID). After this, I restarted my NX, connected to the name WIFI names with new passwd and could go online without any problem. I used “ifconfig -a” to find the new ip address of Xavier NX.

On my Window machine, I also connected to new WIFI SSID and go online without any problem. However, I could not ssh from my WIndows to NX with putty or WinSCP.


Is your windows host able to ping NX?

No, could not ping NX

Please check if any firewall here to block the packets between NX and NX.

This is more like a general network problem. So any solution you find out over the Internet should worth trying.