Plastic rod deflection manipulation simulation in Isaac sim

Hello everyone,

I am doing a research to simulate flexible object manipulation. I have been trying to simulate plastic rod as a deformable body with the below deformable material parameters in Isaac-Sim:

  • Density: 1020
  • Young Modulus: 2,000,000,000
  • Poisson ratio: 0.4

I have tried the suggestions I found on the forum.

  • I adjusted the physics timesteps as high as 480
  • Increased position iterations to 80
  • lowered the Simulation Mesh Resolution to 6.

However, I still get too soft behavior for the deformable object as attached in the video


Also I experimenting with Franka robot


I need the object to resemble correct physics behavior (small deformations) for my research and i am wondering (since I am quite new to Omniverse) if there is a way to do that here.

Hi @mohammed.mohammed.abdelmo !

Hi stiffnesses for deformables are a challenge with the current implementation. We are working on improvements for that, so stay tuned.


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Hello Simon,
Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to see it in action.

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