Soft robotics (comparison with another simulators)

hello friends,

what is your opinion about Isaac sim in soft robotics area? is better than other simulators? I know, simulating soft/deformable objects are possible in Isaac sim but I don’t know how Isaac can do this compared with other simulators like SOFA. If you have any experience in soft robotics area i want to know your opinion about, if you can help.


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Good question,

I’m coming from ROS/Gazebo in search of a soft robotics simulator. It’d be nice to hear input from others. From what I’ve gathered, Isaac Gym can outperform PyBullet for deformable bodies, but it’s real strength (for me at least) lies in its speed and integration of Pytorch.

We have not compared Isaac Sim with SOFA yet

thanks for the answers, I’m currently studying both simulators and I pretend to post the results here.

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Hi, leonlime! I’m struggling with soft/deformable objects simulation. Have you compared Isaac Sim with SOFA? I would appreciate it if you could share some of your experiences.