Please change your inheritance of materials

I have a prop called a curve wall with windows. It has 9 windows.

The 9 windows are all set to Clear Glass material.

I try setting the material for the Curved Wall prop itself, and it defaults to ‘Weaker Than Descendants’. If I switch it to stronger than descendants, the 9 windows inherit the material from the parent, and it looks like this.

It seems the only way I can keep the 9 windows is to Unparent the windows, which would mess everything up if I move them.

How am I supposed to set the windows to clear glass, and set the parent to another material without unparenting?

The window is set on inherit from parent, which I don’t want, and it can’t be changed unless I set the parent to weaker than descendants. I want an option instead of inherited, to independent.

i am not sure if thats how inherits work (to allow for independents)? i am curious how you are setting up your hierarchy in the curvedwallwithwindows reference, though. i see you have several xforms for each window, but i dont see the wall prim. is that under the root of the reference source USD or do you have it under an xform oj the same hierarchy like the rest of the windows?

I exported the prop I made in Blender.

I made a similar prop and it worked before. I will try and rebuild it tomorrow and see if I get the same result.

I made the prop again this morning, and now it works as I would expect.

Note sure what I did wrong last night.

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Glad to hear