Please help to confirm fail at what device

We don’t have idea at the issue .your agent and Taiwan FAE come here yesterday, but it is still not way to solve this issue , do you have any tool can help to check boot fail at what

the attached file is our download error message , please help to confirm about this issue
log_uart.txt (7.2 KB)

hello Tony_Li,

it’s BootROM for hardware initialization, and load MB1 image in SysRAM; MB1 to Initialize the SDRAM, create carveouts, configure pinmux, and loads MB2.
please refer to your board configuration since you’ve got below failures from MB1.
for example,

[0010.144] E> FAILED: Thermal config
[0010.152] E> FAILED: MEMIO rail config

Do you know what pin about this issue ,we want to modify hardware

About thermal pin ,I only find the OVERTEMP_N (FORCE_SHUTDOWN) pin , but if it is error , the EFM8_FORCE_SHUTDOWN shoud be LOW then MCU close MODULE_POWER_ON ,then module close carrier power on ,but our board, the carrier power on is high

Hi, @JerryChang:

In other post Jetson NX Carrier board power issue

I also see the same message E> FAILED: Thermal config, and E> FAILED: MEMIO rail config in log message, but it could bootup to kernel login.
So I think the E> FAILED: Thermal config is not root cause.

Do you know what pin about MEMIO rail config, the all memory at the moudule

If you even can’t flash module with your custom board, you need to check the board design to eliminate errors first, especially note the strapping pins design which you can find in chapter Strapping Pins in OEM DG. And then you should check the power on sequence to make sure it is good as DG request.

We can be sure it is not fail at the power on sequence and striping , but it still can’t fash complete, your agent test say the board flash leave recovery mode, do you know what issue affect to leave recovery mode

Hi, @JerryChang:

If the log don’t see the “emc initialized”.
Does it mean system get trouble in 32GB DDR/LPDDR of Xavier on this customer carrier board?

Because I see the EMC defintion is EMC:
External Memory Controller, a module that interfaces with external DDR/LPDDR devices.
in Technical Reference Manual document.

There are Bringup and Schematic Checklist excel sheets attached in the OEM DG pdf file, please check your design following the checklist one by one. It should be a design issue since it even can’t enter recovery mode. Please focus on checking power part design first to compare your design to reference schematic.

I am confuse , about the module power is only SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV ,and if the power is normal then the module_power_on and carrier_power_on will pull high, at our board all the power sequence is follow the design guide , but it is still fail at download

I think some different, at our board the all power ic is change to company’s component, about the I2C setting power ic need to modify or not at boot and flash ,our power ic not request I2C

Hi, @Tony_Li:

Do you done check list items in the “Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_Schematic_Checklist.nv.xlsx” and “Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Bringup_Checklist.nv.xlsx”?

Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_Schematic_Checklist.nv.xlsx (94.8 KB)
Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Bringup_Checklist.nv.xlsx (26.8 KB)

Dear Nvidia ,I need Nvidia help to confirm , If 12V and 5V chip change use not I2C chip, about the boot and flash need to modify software setting or not

Dear all
I use scope to get some waveform at I2C_GP5,seem before issue the I2C_GP5 try to access, Can you help to remove the software code

The I2C of 12V and 5V DC/DC won’t affect anything. No need to modify sw with other 12V if the power up sequence is correct.

Please check your design one by one based on the checklist, that is the correct way to start debug.

We don’t use the develop kit’s 5V IC, we change it to USE no I2C power IC, so I guess the I2c access no ACK then stop

I am confuse, I get B03 develop kit schematic file ,it is change 5V buck to no I2C chip, but I still measure get I2C waveform form the board ,. Is the B02 and B03 image same?

hello Tony_Li,

yes, they’re using same software release image.

please also refer to Xavier’s common flash configuration file, p2972-0000.conf.common,
there’s a function call, process_board_version() for checking your board revision while flashing; it’ll also report that in the beginning of flash messages,
for example, Board ID(2888) version(400) sku(0001) revision(D.0)