Power button bounce period

hi everybody!
how can I adjust bounce period on power button? now when I release power button after nano have been shut down I get nano booting immediately after button release,
thank you in advance!

What is it you are trying to accomplish? A button click event turns on the Jetson in the normal case. It isn’t until the button is held down for at least 8 seconds when a running Jetson will force power down. “Tapping” the button when the Jetson is not powered should start the Jetson (use your imagination on what counts as a “tap” of the button…bouncing probably has no effect unless the bounce exceeds 8 seconds).

Thank you for reply.
I mean that I hold power button for a 8 seconds when nano is ON. Nano is shutdown normally. And when I release power button (pull back my finger from button) nano eventually starts 'cos of bounce effect.This thing does not happen all time, Five times nothing happens and one time nano begins booting.!

Just like that

Ahh, now I see…bounce is causing the Nano to turn back on when you let go after the 8 seconds to turn off. I’ve not had this occur, but I also don’t have an external button on the Nano model. What are you using for a button?

Sometimes a small capacitor across the button helps, but I have never tried this with a Jetson. Sometimes one has to just install debounce circuitry (typically a schmitt trigger). I could be way off, but you might try something like a 0.01 uF capacitor across the button.

Yes, I heard about 10 uF capacitor accross the button, but maybe there is nano anti-bounce protection.

I need а button 'cos it is separate voice block.

10uF seems like a lot for a debounce. If you want to see carrier board design, go here:

Then look for the link “Jetson Nano Carrier Board Reference Design Files”. Page 13 of the concept schematic PDF shows the power on/off logic.

thank you a lot)