Power Consumption of AGX Devkit


I would like to know about the maximum power consumption of AGX Devkit.
The maximum power consumption of the AGX Module is supposed to be 30W, so how much power does the carrier board itself consume?
This Devkit seems to be able to supply up to 90W (Input : MAX 9V 10A - 20V 4.5A) to the DC jack. So I am wondering if the power consumption of the carrier board can be covered.

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The power consumption depends on the use case. Generally the module power is less than 30W for most applications. The 90W you said is design threshold not real power consumption. The carrier board power consumption also depends on the use case/external devices attached of customer, it is not a fixed number.

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Thank you for your reply.
The Devkit ships with a 65W (max) AC adapter, so does that mean it may not be sufficient for some use cases?

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It could be insufficient for some extreme heavy load.

Devkit is a turnkey solution for developers. Usually, if your project goes into the influence stage, you go to custom builds that meet your requirements, and this is where the problems begin, since often everything worked fine on the devkit.
Problems - wire cross-section below normal, weak connectors, screw connections instead of soldering.
With us, at maximum loads on the GPU and CPU, consumption usually falls within 60 watts, but we separately power the device.

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