Power supply recommendation for jetson Xavier NX

Hi team ,
Just want to understand, 5V 3 Amp supply will be sufficient for SoM or is there is extra current required for taking care of inrush.

Jetson NX module have max 15W power mode.
The module have INA3221 power monitor sense the module current to keep power within budget.

INA warning signals lite GPU throttling (50%) when VDD_IN average power (512 samples) exceeds 15W
INA critical signal triggers lite CPU+GPU throttling (50%) when VDD_IN instantaneous power exceeds 18W

For system reliability, The power design should consider +20% margin. But the real power consumption is depend on use case.

Hi edli
Thanks for these update, let me know if i should evenly distribute 15 watt dissipation across complete SoM module for simulation. Basically confusion here is

If i consider 15 watt dissipation across U506 only then its temperature will be go very high. Since i want to simulate if our mechanical can able to act as sufficient heat sink for thermal dissipation on not. So i need information how much power will be dissipated across U506 , DDR , other major components which are major heat germinating part


15W is total max module power, Thermal simulation should based on total 15w SoM module power dissipation, it is not necessary count it on each component. The major components have thermal pad to contact with heat-sink, Design should make sure Xavier(U4) operating within the max temperature spec.