Powering Jetson nano with multi voltage adapter

The Jetson nano 5V/4A dedicated power supply, which is required to unlock MAXN mode, is relatively expensive to buy from where I live. I have found some Mobile adapters that offer power at similar ranges like 5V/3.4A (Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0) and 5V/4.25A which could replace the jetson nanos power supply. These adapters are rated for multiple voltages upto 12V, just wanted to be safe and know for sure that these adapters may not accidentally supply higher voltages to the jetson nano and fry it.

Jetson nano can only bear up to 5V.

The mobile adapter offers multiple voltages including 5V, I just wanted to confirm if there is any chance that the adapter ends up sending 9V or 12V power instead of 5V. I heard that mobiles only draw the voltage they need, a large adapter wouldn’t fry the micro USB port of a mobile, will it not fry the jetson nano?

No, mobiles only draw the current they need, not the voltage. Don’t power Jetson nano with >5V voltage.

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