Powering Jetson Orin Nano/NX over USB-C

Is it possible to power the Jetson Orin Nano/NX modules directly over USB-C (which can deliver up to 100W)? If so, can the reference design from Figure 7-2 in the Jetson AGX Orin Series Design Guide be used or is there more to consider regarding the power sequence? If it can be used, what are the equivalent GPIO/12C pins on the Nano/NX modules?

Hi, it is possible to power supply Jetson modules following the requests in Orin nano/nx Design Guide. No suggestion on your plan as it is not validated on Orin nano/nx. For power supply, please follow the Orin nano Design Guide, there are requests and power sequence in the doc. You can try this as wish but we have no reference can be shared.

The Jetson Nano™ 2GB Developer Kit is powered via the USB-C connector but I’m unable to find the carrier board design files in the Jetson Download Center. Could you please share the concept schematic?

What we can provide are all in DLC, if can’t find there, then that means it is not public.

😄 The board design for the 4GB version is public but the one for the 2GB version is not?

2GB version is for education market purpose, not for end product reference,
thus we didn’t publish relevant documents.

Can the P3737 carrier board (AGX Orin Developer Kit) circuit be safely used as a reference design?

Please just follow the design guide.

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