Prime coolbits, and obs issues on 440.100

driver 440 has many issues with prime on ubuntu 20.04

on ubuntu 16.04 driver 418, i could enable overclocking and fan control by adding

Option “coolbits” “12”

to my xconfig since 440 dropped xconfig doing anything coolbits related breaks it tp the point of not even being able to reboot for activating the coolbits. how do i neable coolbits for a multigpu setup on 20.04? i’d like to use my second card as an encoder for obs screen recording, and overclock/recurve the card rendering the game.

my cpu is an 8086k, so the p104-100’s are on prime with it(even tho card 2 gets no use). they do have the nvidia encoder, as i can record on card 1 with obs, but trying to use 2 errors it out.