Problem adding cad importer

Hi, i am opening the create extensions , but can’t find cad importer

Could you describe the steps you are taking to search for the extension?

There are two extensions for importing cad documents: Cad importer (formerly called step importer) and Onshape Importer. Which one are you trying to use?

i open the create app, when we open window-> extentions, i don’t see there Cad importer or Onshape Importer, the only importer i have is Asset importer

Hi @gaby1

It looks like the CAD (Step) Importer and the Onshape Importer may not publicly available extensions for Create.

I am working on getting more information about this.

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I am also interested in looking in to the cad importer. ¨

In the release notes for Create 2022.1.0 under Extension Changes, it says “removed extension omni.kit.importer.cad”.

Check this out. it works now, Jack!

Nice, it works!

I get this error message when I try to apply a material.


I also get a lot of subsets which are difficult to work with. Is there something during the import that I can change that will effect that?

the main USD it creates ( in the end of my video you se that scene ok in the background, it ends before I give name and destination for it but it just saves all there ) is called “_270a0004_roskiskokoonpano.usd” in my video above.

Now If I open that scene, I can assign new materials:

I just dragged the “steel blued” metal material on that mesh and tweaked a green tint on it.