Problem flashing drive px2

I downloaded Drive_install My ubuntu host is running ubuntu 14.04.5 with GTX 945M graphic card. Current problem is installation does not move beyond flashing of Tegra A. Its status remains at “installing”. The terminal shows the following:

Compiled on Jan  1 2014, 17:13:19.
Port /dev/ttyUSB1

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

----- Please advise

Dear youhong,

Did you connect between HOST PC and DPX2 via usb cable?
Could you please check cables connection status(USB, ethernet, etc)?
Please let me know your installation step and environment in detail. Thanks.

The hardware connections have no problem. In fact, i had successfully flashed it on the second drivepx.

I tried to flash the newest software to DPX2 and check all the cable connections and I got the same problem as youhong, the progress doens’t move forward and the DPX2 was just restarted.
With the previous version I flashed Tegra A and B more than 3 times, and there was no error or problem with the same setup like now.

I hope someone can give me an advise.

Many thanks in advance.