Problem installing OFED on SLES15 SP1


I am trying to install the 4.6- for SLES15 SP1. The kernel for my installed OS is,

uname -r


If I try to install the drivers using the script mlnxofedinstall, then I get,

“Current operation system is not supported!”

It seems the supported kernel mentioned in the file .supported_kernels is 4.12.14-193-default.

I tried adding support for this kernel version by different ways. For example,

  • ./ -m $PWD --kmp -y
  • ./mlnxofedinstall --add-kernel-support
  • ./mlnxofedinstall --skip-distro-check
  • ./mlnxofedinstall --skip-distro-check --add-kernel-support
  • ./mlnxofedinstall --skip-distro-check --add-kernel-support --force
  • ./mlnxofedinstall --skip-distro-check --add-kernel-support --kmp --force

Unfortunately except the first one, rest of them are returned with same message in red saying, “Current operation system is not supported!”.

At this point I’m out of ideas. So any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

Also, please change the word “operation” to “operating” unless you seriously mean this to be operation. My eyes can’t take this anymore.

Hi Das,

The current supported kernels for SLES15 SP1 are 4.12.14-193-default and 4.12.14-32

As mentioned in the release notes , the support for SLES15 SP1 is still at beta level:

Official support for SLES15 SP1 with latest kernel will be in the next MLNX_OFED 4.7 GA

Current release date - end of September 2019.

In case you would like to get further assistance, please open a support case at



I understand it’s in beta phase.

Then again, shouldn’t the script “add_kernel_support” add support for the kernel? Is the failing of this script an issue or that’s how it’s supposed to be?