Problem of Using NvMedia to convert NV12 to RGB24

Hi there,

I have a task to convert NV12(yuv420sp) pixel format to RGB24, feeding into deep learning inference tasks.

Now I am using AGX Xavier with Drive OS sdk, and refer to the sample code: NvMedia/nvmimg_2d.

The questions from my side are:

  1. How could we know what exactly the Hardware backend is using when calling NvMedia2DBlitEx function? Is it Arm CPU or VIC?

  2. I could convert NV12 to RGBA successfully, but I found no RGB24 or R8G8B8 surface type defined in nvmedia_surface.h. Is this converting (NV12 to RGB24) supported by nvmedia? If so, how could I define the correct target surface type.

Thank you!

Dear @donny.mao,

  1. VIC
  2. No it is not supported format by NvMedia.

Could you share why you are looking for RGB conversion?