Problem with 190.38 drivers DX11 don't work on 190.38 drivers.

Well this problem come back again. New drivers and DX compute shaders don’t work. There was no problem with previous drivers. Help!!!
(My system: Windows 7 RC, GF 9300 M)

Before when I had installed the driver 182.50, I had no problem … since I bought my 8800 never had problems with blue screens or anything, but these latest driver updates problems began after playing Farcry2, closing the game or go to the desktop with ALT TAB is hung and restarts the system (check the temperature of GPU, and latencies and everything is normal) try reinstalling the driver and also to update and nothing happened, same problem with Farcry2
A couple of weeks ago that FARCRY2 me to leave the blue screen appeared and restart (with the message to NV4_disp.dll stopped working) and if it does not crash when closing FARCRY2 hanging executed after changes abruptly when the resolution of any application, or go to the desktop from FARCRY2 and re-enter … blue screen, also note that the menus flashing, try to reinstall the 190.38 driver, also try the 185 … and still the problems, it is rare that only fails FARCRY2 because the Crysis Warhead and work without problems … . I was going crazy, there are many error messages in windows event log (NV error …) I’ll be provided the oldest driver (182.50) as something more I can say that my OS is Windows XP SP3, DirectX9c March 2009 … hopefully the next driver to correct these errors :unsure:

if someone found a solution for this please comment on this forum :thumbup:

Same problem for me, I installed the 190.38 WHQL driver for my Asus 8800gt 512mB, but evreytime time I played World of Warcraft or Far Cry 2 after 20 minutes I got freeze time bug and the error message concerning the nv4_disp :

So i uninstalled the 190.38 and installed the 182.50. i didn’t have the nv4_disp crash anymore. :thumbup:

Well At Last 190.62 drivers have deal with problem of DirectX Compute. That’s work!
I love you NVIDIA! :)

It’s so frustrating when you come up with these “freezing” issues which you have absolutely no solution to!! I really hope that we come up with something soon considering that many others are also having the same problems!! The solution seem to be such a simple one for trouble it gave us - it’ll really irritating and the time we lost in the game because of this!! Great that we had this solved through the forum!!

I have also experienced many BSOD with the new nVidia drivers for my 8800GT card.
Had to install an older driver to get the system to work without BSOD.