Problem with RGMII Ethernet (88E1512) with JP 5.1.0 on AGX Orin (was working with JP 5.0.1DP and on Xavier)

Are you able to see the status of pin G5 in /sys/kernel/debug/gpio?


 gpio-388 (PG.05               |phy_reset           ) out hi 

@WayneWWW any update? Thank you! Marc

I don’t have device to check for now. But I think you can read the pinmux register and gpio register for those pins and confirm if they are same as jp5.0.1DP.

Checking pinmux register is not sufficient to prove whether this pin is in GPIO or SFIO because GPIO controller has higher priority.

For example, if you read pinmux reg and see it as SFIO, however, GPIO controller sets it as GPIO in the meantime, then it will still be GPIO.

I did find one relevant difference. PADCTL_EQOS_EQOS_TXC_0 is set to 0x00002050 for JP 5.1, while it is 0x00002400 for JP 5.0.1. Reading the TRM, 0x2400 makes more sense.

As soon as I manually set it to 0x00002400, the Ethernet starts working!

busybox devmem 0x02445058 w 0x00002400

I found that the invalid configuration of a completely different module (USB) caused the GPIO controller to grab pin E.00. I was not aware of the priorities of the gpio controller vs. pinmux. Good to know.
Fixing that pin also solved the Ethernet issue. :-)

Thank you

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Sorry. One question here.

Is that added by you (Pin E.00 as GPIO) or it is added by our BSP by default?

My side. I have used (EE, 0), but accidentally referenced it to &tegra_main_gpio instead of &tegra_aon_gpio.

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