Problems with moveit in Isaac ROS

Dear all,

I am new to Isaac Sim and ROS. During the time I try out the tutorials, I was stuck at ROS No.10 MoveIt Motion Planning Framework. As I tried to run “roslaunch isaac_moveit franka_isaac_execution.launch” to Rviz, something like error pops out and the Franka cannot normally link with Rviz. These are the sentence I received:

[ INFO] [1669279623.536847529]: waitForService: Service [/get_planning_scene] has not been advertised, waiting…
[ INFO] [1669279628.541206555]: Failed to call service get_planning_scene, have you launched move_group or called psm.providePlanningSceneService()?

I followed the tutorial exactly as the web told me so, could anyone kindly tell me what’s wrong or the way to fix it?

Thank you all

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Hi - Sorry for the delay in the response. Let us know if you still having this issue/question with the latest Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 release.